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These courses are here to help you get the most out of Vivi. Whether it's in the classroom or behind the scenes, the courses below can help you in learning more about how Vivi can make your life easier.

Scroll down for information on our courses for teachers, eLearning Leaders and tech experts, and IT Administrators.

Courses for Teachers

Level Training

Level 1 - The Basics

In the first installment of Vivi’s Level Training for the Classroom, learners will discover how to log in and join their Vivi room from the Vivi App, learn how to share screens and review the tools in the floating toolbar, use the annotate/screenshot feature to capture content and annotate in real-time, and lastly use the Whiteboard tools to customize your lessons.

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Level 2 - Interactive Content and Student Use

In the second installment of Vivi’s Level Training for the Classroom, you will learn how to effectively utilize various interactive content features and how to leverage student usage with Vivi! In this level learn how to maximize Play Content for your lessons, how to incorporate student share to the classroom display, and how student screenshots can make learning come to life!

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Level 3 - Engaging Students with Vivi

In the last installment of Vivi’s Classroom training, learn about the remaining features in the Vivi App that can be used to increase student engagement in the classroom such as how to launch an Assessment to check for understanding, using a well-being Poll, how to communicate with your class through Message Class, and review the Clocks & Timers and Wellness features.

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Courses for eLearning Leaders and Tech Experts

Absolute Vivi: The Complete Classroom Course

A deep-dive into the benefits of the Vivi solution and how to use it in the classroom, including wireless screen mirroring, video streaming, and real-time student feedback.

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Courses for IT Administrators

Using Vivi Signage

A deep dive into Vivi's Signage feature and how to get the most out of it. Learn how to manage and upload Media, how to create Signage Destinations and Playlists, and how to Schedule Signage.

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Vivi for IT Administrators

A run down of Vivi Central and how to manage your Vivi fleet. This course is designed to give an overview of the Vivi Central features including Organization and Device set-up, Emergencies, and Metrics.

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